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Pistache by Sebastian Faulks
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Format: Paperback
EAN: 9780099528388
Published: 3 Jun 2010

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About Pistache

For some ten years, Faulks has been appearing on the light-hearted Radio Four literary quiz show,  The Write Stuff. It is written and chaired by James Walton, and Faulks’s opposite number is John Walsh. Each programme has an author of the week, in whose style the panellists are asked to write a parody on a given theme.

More on Pistache
This parody (or pastiche: they have never decided which it is) has proved popular with listeners, and in 2006 Faulks published a collection of his efforts.

Here is a sample.

SYLVIA PLATH tells the story of Goldilocks

I am the doctor who takes
The temperature of each bowl.

Daddy Bear, your gruel,
Grey as the Feldgrau,
Pungent as a jackboot,
Rises under an ailing moon.
I have been sleeping
In your bed, Daddy.

Mother’s oats are blebbed
With ruby stains of fruit preserve
Beside the glass fire
Of her blood-orange juice.

The baby’s porridge bubbles
With a foetus eye.
I swallow the sins it is not
His to shrive. I devour
The cancerous pallor
With spoons of handled bone.

I plough the winding-sheets
Of each bear bed with my
Surgical breathing, as I die and rise
Three times before dawn.

My golden hair is electric
With the light of
Borrowed stars, spread out
On my pillow of skulls.

· ‘Unforgivably witty.’ Oliver Pritchett, Sunday Telegraph

· Pistache contains the most oblique of all Faulks’s dedications: ‘To A.T.F.: the Master’. The identity of A.T.F. remains a complete mystery.

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